Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

Endorsements and Messages of Support and Solidarity

We have received many messages of solidarity. As queers of colour internationally have let us know that our work, and the support it has drawn, give them courage and inspiration, we will do our best to keep this list updated. Please let us know when contacting us if you would like your name to be added to this list.

Leslie Feinberg: 'thank you for the information and the opportunity which allowed me to express my solidarity! -- in struggle, Leslie Feinberg'

Andil Gosine: 'Thank you, SUSPECT, for daring to challenge racisms and nationalisms in queer communities, for refusing complicity with the demonization of people of colour engaged by so many in the contemporary LGBT movement, and for demanding recognition of the complexities of the lives and cultures of people in the Global South. I stand with you.'

Suhraiya Jivraj

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, Toronto

Bobby Noble: 'you've my support and respect and labour 110% in these wars!'

Sivia Posocco

Jasbir Puar

Asian Freedom Arts School, Toronto

Proma Tagore

Rinaldo Walcott

Hevjin, LGBT Organisation in Amed

Çukurova, LGBT Initiation

Kaos GL Association and the Kaos GL Magazine

Queer Beograd

Transgenialer CSD

Queers of Color Reading Group, Philadelphia and Oakland

Alexey Timbul Bulokhov (Russia): 'Such awesome powerful moves by POC organizers and allies in Toronto, Berlin, Kansas City and elsewhere this Pride season. Pride is not a luxury brand. Don't whitewash the rainbows. Thank you and queer on, friends, queer on!'

Romi Chandra Herbert, Vancouver Activist: "It is with the greatest pride that I send my 100% support to the incredible and powerful work SUSPECT and all those directly and indirectly involved are engaged in. It's been a while since I've felt this kind of pride in my community and I thank you for helping me find it. Sadly, Vancouver has recently gained a statistical reputation of being one of the top places for hate crimes in Canada. Sadly when incidents of hate crimes occur here, the queer community's response is to blame another minority group and in our case it's the South Asians (I'm sure there are many other groups out there that are scapegoats for this kind of hate). Yes our queer community is often the victims of hate, but we do a damn fine job of dishing this hate out to others, pretending we are a catalyst for change when in reality we are the perpetrators of hate.
Until the queer community understands this, pride and everything about it, will still be my protest!
Judith Butler and Angela Davis are inspirational women!
In solidarity"

Espace d'Expressions Lesbiennes of Color

Crystal Mason, San Francisco: 'I would like to take a minute to express my pride in this month of pride celebrations, in the Queer and Trans People of Color groups in Berlin for their hard work and political savvy in smashing the status quo and choosing the right hammer.'

X:Talk, Migrant sex workers rights project in London


Sylvie Tomolillo

Johanna Rothe

Blackness Yes!, Toronto

Next Genderation Homonationalism Working Group

Paola Bacchetta: "Thank you to SUSPECT and all the queer of color and anti-racism queer groups in Germany that organised this protest. Thank you also to our ally Judith Butler for taking such a clear stand. Brava, bravo, all."

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